Why we’re going after a better story ...

When you've walked through a challenging time in life, you usually never forget how it made you feel. It can also heighten your awareness of others going through similar struggles. Team Summit is no different, because we’re just like you. We have busy families, we're navigating life's curve-balls, and making tough choices everyday ... just like you do. But there's a better story.

Every mountain has a Summit, a high point we're all invited to keep stepping towards. When it’s hard, when it hurts, when it feels like quitting would make it easier, we keep climbing. Why? Because we believe we were each created to experience the thrill of the Summit. The view is different at the top, and we're deeply honoured to be the ones who get to guide you there ... towards a much better story.


Chris circle.png

Mr. Chris Stratis


In 2007, Chris started living the Chiropractic lifestyle as a patient at Summit. He transformed his personal story from being a Fitness Trainer who thought he was healthy, into a leader who's passionately guiding himself, his family and others to where they want to go. After joining Team Summit in 2010 as an Exam Specialist, he quickly became a patient favorite because of his excellence and quiet sincerity. He's now the Clinic QB and provides leadership in The Lab. He's married to Allie, and together they have 4 young kids, including a set of twins!

DrJason circle.png

Dr. Jason Wiebe


The road to effectively leading others is never a smooth one. Dr. Jason is no stranger to bumpy roads. His experience with personal health challenges led him to pursue understanding and action. This took him into his academic training starting with 5 years of undergraduate studies (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) and finishing with 4 years at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Doctor of Chiropractic). Dr. Jason's passion to connect with each person he serves is deeply rooted in his beliefs and convictions. Today he's pursuing his dreams along with his wife Stephanie. They are proud parents to 5 boys - Noah, Levi, Nate, Zane and Duke.